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学术报告:Towards Performance Enhancement of InGaN/GaN LED by Exploring Localized Surface Plasmons

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报告题目:Towards Performance Enhancement of InGaN/GaN LED by Exploring Localized Surface Plasmons



报告人:In-Hwan Lee

School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering College, Chonbuk National University


Surface plasmons are coherent electron oscillations that exist at a metal-dielectric interface. Specifically, the surface plasmons in noble metal nano-particles (NPs) embedded in a dielectric matrix is called localized surface plasmons (LSP). Recently, the LSP phenomena have attracted great interest in InGaN/GaN based light-emitting diode (LED) as the luminescence efficiency can be improved by the energy coupling of LSP with the active quantum well (QW) region of such LED. According to the energy coupling mechanism, when the metal nanostructure forming LSP is deposited in close proximity to the active layer of LED and the emission energy matches the LSP oscillation energy, the excitons in the active layer of LED can transfer their energy directly to the LSP mode as well as emitting light at the active layer, rather than decay via radiative and nonradiative recombination channels in the semiconductor structure.

Recently, we reported on the properties of chemically synthesized Ag and Ag/SiO2 NP and the performance enhancement of LED coated with these NP. The attractive feature of such NP is the possibility to increase and carefully regulate the NP density with consequent increase in the enhancement factor. This is in contrast to metal NP formed by annealing. Moreover, for core/shell Ag/SiO2 NP, very substantial improvement in performance stability was observed as compared to purely metal NP.

In this talk we describe the results of experimental and theoretical studies of optical properties and electric field distribution in Ag and Ag/SiO2 NP, and report on the EC of their LSP resonance with InGaN/GaN MQW. Also, we propose the fabrication of NP embedded in InGaN/GaN based nanopillar LEDs.

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