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学术报告:First Principles Investigation of Defect Control in Chalcogenide Thin Film Solar Cell Materials

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告题目:First Principles Investigation of Defect Control in Chalcogenide Thin Film Solar Cell Materials

报 告 人:Su-Huai Wei (魏苏淮), 北京计算科学研究中心


报告地点:必赢网址bwi272223 新楼5楼多功能厅



First-principles study of photovoltaic materials plays an important role in developing solar cell technologies because it can provide useful physical insights, fresh perspective and new design principles for developing innovative solar cell materials with high solar power conversion efficiency and reduced cost. One of the most important issues in solar cell absorber materials is to control the defects, either for introducing charge carrier, improving charge transport, or reducing non-radiative carrier recombination. Thus, a good solar cell material should have good defect properties, that is, it can be easily doped such that charge carriers can be introduced to generate the required electric field and has less defect-induced recombination centers such that it has high carrier life time, so photo-generated charge can be collected. In this talk, using thin-film solar cell absorber materials Cd(Te,Se), Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS), and Cu2ZnSnS2 (CZTS) as examples, I will discuss how theoretical first-principles studies can be used to better understand and optimize the solar cell performance.


魏苏淮教授现任北京计算科学研究中心讲座教授、材料与能源研究部主任,国家重点专项首席科学家,国家基金委重大项目负责人,美国物理学会会士(APS Fellow),美国材料学会会士(MRS Fellow)。1981年本科毕业于复旦大学,1985年在美国威廉玛丽学院取得理学博士学位,1985年-2015年,在美国可再生能源国家实验室(NREL)历任博士后、科学家、资深科学家、首席科学家、理论研究室主任,实验室Fellow。在半导体能带理论、缺陷与合金物理、能源与光电材料设计、计算方法等方面取得了系统的原创性成果。已发表SCI论文520余篇,包括72篇PRL。论文引用59000多次,H因子120。




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