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学术报告:Quantum Monte Carlo studies in SU(2N) Hubbard model and interacting topological insulators

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报告人:王达博士(南京大学Nanjing University)

报告简介:Determinant Quantum Monte Carlo (DQMC) is a non-perturbative technique to study interacting fermionic systems. In this talk, I will present two of our recent works using DQMC. In the first part, we will study the magnetic properties of half-filled SU(2N) Hubbard model by adding a local pinning field. Long range Neel orderings are found at small U, but show non-monotonic behaviors as U increases, fundamentally different from the SU(2) case. In the second part, we will propose a new method to identify interacting topological insulators by investigating their edge degeneracies. The edge degeneracies are closely related to the bulk topological properties and can be obtained by measuring the entanglement entropies using DQMC.


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