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学术报告:Balanced Partial Entanglement and the Entanglement Wedge Cross Section

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报告题目:Balanced Partial Entanglement and the Entanglement Wedge Cross Section

报告人: 文强 副教授 (东南大学)




We define a new information theoretical quantity for any bipartite mixed state. We call it the balanced partial entanglement (BPE). The BPE is the partial entanglement entropy that satisfies certain balance requirements. We discuss the entropy relations satisfied by BPE and find they are quite similar to those satisfied by the entanglement of purification. We show that in holographic CFT the BPE equals to the area of the entanglement wedge cross section (EWCS) divided by 4G. More interestingly, when we consider the canonical purification, the BPE is just half of the reflected entropy, which is also directly related to the EWCS. The BPE can be considered as an generalization of the reflected entropy for a generic purification of the mixed state. We interpret the correspondence between the BPE and EWCS using the holographic picture of the entanglement contour.


文强2015年博士毕业于中国人民大学物理系,之后在清华大学数学中心做博士后研究,期间做过哈佛大学以及中国工程物理研究院研究生院的访问学者,2019年入职东南大学丘成桐中心及数学学院副教授。文强的近年主要研究方向为,(1)渐进非AdS时空的全息纠缠熵及其几何图像;(2)提出量子信息中一个新的概念,部分纠缠熵(partial entanglement entropy),并研究它的各种构造方案及其全息描述。

邀请人:杜一剑 副教授



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