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学术报告:Optoelectronic Enhancement of Ultrathin CuInGaSe2 Solar Cells by Nanophotonic back contacts

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报告题目:Optoelectronic Enhancement of Ultrathin CuInGaSe2 Solar Cells by Nanophotonic back contacts

报告人:殷官超 教授 (武汉理工大学材料学院)




Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGSe) thin-film solar cells are a promising candidate in the photovoltaic market with record efficiencies beyond 23%. Thinning the CIGSe absorber thickness from typical values of 2-3 µm down to a few hundred nm is highly desirable since it reduces material-related cost and especially releases the concern of Indium scarcity. However, high efficiencies are presently restrained in ultrathin CIGSe solar cells (with a sub-500 nm absorber thickness) due to two primary challenges: back contact recombination and incomplete absorption.

In this talk we will present the work of addressing incomplete absorption and back recombination via the integration of nanophotonic structures in ultrathin CIGSe solar cells. A few integration structures will be intensively discussed with relevant implications being specified. Finally, light trapping and passivation effects based on dielectric nanoparticles are comprehensively evaluated for significant opto-electronic enhancements from locations of nanostructures, cell architectures, illumination directions.


殷官超于2015年8月博士毕业于德国柏林工业大学材料学专业,之后在德国亥姆霍兹柏林材料与能源国家研究中心(Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie)从事博士后研究,现为武汉理工大学材料学院教授。主要研究领域为铜铟镓硒(CIGSe)太阳能电池以及通过等离子体/光子纳米结构增强光电器件转化性能,为超薄CIGSe太阳能电池的陷光提供了全新的研究思路,取得了目前超薄CIGSe电池光电流密度的世界记录。


邀请人:宫俊波 特聘副研究员