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学术报告:Genuine Quantum Chaos and Physical Distance between Quantum States

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报告题目: Genuine Quantum Chaos and Physical Distance between Quantum States

报告人:   吴飙 教授(北京大学)

报告时间: 123日(周五)下午300

报告地点: 腾讯会议( 会议号码 902 436 233



We show that there is genuine quantum chaos despite that quantum dynamics is linear. This is revealed by introducing a physical distance between two quantum states. Qualitatively different from existing distances for quantum states, for example, the Fubini-Study distance, the physical distance between two mutually orthogonal quantum states can be very small. As a result, two quantum states, which are initially very close by physical distance, can diverge from each other during the ensuing quantum dynamical evolution. We are able to use physical distance to define quantum Lyaponov exponent and quantum chaos measure. The latter leads to quantum analogue of the classical Poincare section, which maps out the regions where quantum dynamics is regular and the regions where quantum dynamics is chaotic.



吴飙, 北京大学量子材料科学中心教授。2001年在美国德州大学奥斯汀分校(University of Texas at Austin)获博士学位; 2004年入选中国科学院 “百人计划”; 2007年获首届香港大学崔琦奖(D. Tsui Fellowship)20082012年获国家杰出青年基金; 20142019年被聘为教育部长江学者特聘教授。从事凝聚态物理的理论研究,主要方向有量子动力学、量子算法、超冷原子气、几何相位等,发表论文100多篇。

邀请人: 张文献 教授


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